Your tenancy

Customer reviews

We carry out customer reviews to ensure we’re providing the right kind of services for our residents, and to make sure the details we have about your home are still correct.

We are committed to making sure we’re providing the right kinds of services to suit you. It’s up to us to keep up-to-date records of who is living in your home, in order to better understand your needs and to help us identify any cases of tenancy fraud.

Once every five years, we will make a visit to your home to carry out a customer review. This will involve asking some questions about your home and your use of our services, and will help us to find out where we can improve. We will also note the condition of your property for our records, so that we know when improvements may be needed in the future.

Customer review FAQs

Why do you need to carry out a customer review?
Customer reviews help us to keep up-to-date records on our customers, which help us to shape our services to suit you best. They are also a chance for you to give feedback about the services you’re currently happy with and where we could improve.

The reviews help us to identify if your property is in a suitable condition, and if it’s the best type of accommodation for you. If your house is over- or under-occupied, we’ll be able to advise you on your options.

Finally, customer reviews help us to crack down on tenancy fraud.
Will you let me know when I'm due for a customer review?
We usually don’t give notice for these appointments – customer reviews are designed to be unannounced. If you’re not in, we’ll attend at another time, which can include evenings or weekends.

Our tenancy agreement with you states that Watford Community Housing has the right to enter your home to carry out inspections, so if we do not gain access following a number of visits, we may begin legal action.
What is tenancy fraud?
Tenancy fraud can refer to a number of things, including:
  • Signing up or changing details of your tenancy with false information or using false documents when applying for housing
  • Letting your house to someone else (sub-letting) whilst you live elsewhere
  • Telling us you live in your home but living elsewhere, leaving the property empty
  • Not letting us know when a tenant has died and a family member continues to live in the house
Tenancy fraud is a crime, and can result in fewer homes being available for people who are in genuine need. We want your help to crack down on tenancy fraud to make sure that homes are available for those who need them the most.
How often will I need to receive a customer review?
We aim to visit all of our properties every five years.