Your tenancy

Ending your tenancy

If you've decided to move on, there are a number of steps you need to take. Here's what you need to know.

Let us know you're planning to leave

To begin the process of ending your tenancy, you’ll first need to let us know. We know that the situation will be different for everyone, so it’s best to talk to us over the phone or in person so we can go over the details of your circumstances with you. The best person to contact would be your Housing officer – find out who that is here

Your rent payments will continue up until you have handed in your keys (see below), and you will need to ensure you have cleared your account balance.

If there is a delay with your move, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Checking the condition of your property

When we have arranged the end of your tenancy with you, you’ll need to give us notice, which is usually a period of four weeks. During your notice period, we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a property inspection. We need to check the condition of your home and make a note of any repairs we might need to carry out before you move, or highlight any that are up to you to fix. It’s also another chance for you to ask any questions about the process of ending your tenancy. 

Leaving your home

On moving day, please make sure you leave the property clean and tidy, and that you remove anything that doesn’t belong to Watford Community Housing. If you leave anything behind without written permission, we will clear it and charge you for the removal. 

Returning your keys

Please hand in your keys to our office on Clarendon Road before midday on the Monday on which your tenancy ends.

The keys should be clearly labelled and marked for the attention of the Housing Options team. If you have any difficulty returning the keys, you can post them to us, or in some cases we may be able to collect them from you or a neighbour.