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  1. Thanking our volunteers for their incredible work!

    Throughout the year, our volunteers help us to create strong, connected and open community spaces. We wanted to show our volunteers just how much we appreciate what they do, so we held an evening event to say thank you. 

  2. ENGIE apprentice Kelsey Fox sees more on a behind-the-scenes tour

    Back in February, we shared the great news that one our residents was kick-starting her career by taking on an apprenticeship with ENGIE at their site compound on the Harebreaks. Now more than a month into her new job, we invited Kelsey to our head office for a behind-the-scenes tour and to see how she’s getting on.

  3. Getting a taste of what our involvement menu has to offer

    Back in 2017, we launched our new involvement menu, which gives every tenant, local resident or member of the community the chance to engage with us and help improve our services. Two of our residents in particular have had really rewarding experiences as a result of the involvement menu!

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