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There are lots of ways you can work with us if you are interested in helping us to improve communities and deliver better services.

It’s really important to us that all of our tenants have the chance to shape our services and get involved with the local community. Taking that first step can feel a little daunting, so we’ve put together an Involvement Menu so that you can choose the way of engaging with us that suits you best.

With our Involvement Menu, there’s options for everyone – so whether you’re really busy or have plenty of time to spare, and whatever skills you have, the menu has something for you.

It includes an array of ways to work with us, from light bites through to all-you-can-eat options. As well as helping us to improve our services, these also give you the chance to develop new skills that could help you in day-to-day life.

Icon key

Below is an explanation of what the icons for each opportunity represent. 

Involvement Menu options

Light Bites

Perfect if you don’t have much time or would struggle to come to meetings regularly. These include one-off involvement opportunities such as Tenant Question Time.

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As a Watford Community Housing customer you are eligible to become a member. This is how you ensure you are able to vote on any big decisions – and you can vote from home or by proxy if you prefer not to attend meetings in person. 

IM-icon-blue-2.pngService scrutiny day
Join a one-day session where you will look at a single service area in depth to assess how we’re performing and how we can improve.

IM-icon-blue-3.pngTenant Question Time
Organised by the Gateway Membership Team, which represents residents, these online events allow you to put your questions to a panel of staff.

IM-icon-blue-4.pngCommunity events
Volunteer at occasional events such as summer fairs and local fun days to support your community and develop skills.

Main meals

Work with us to provide more detailed feedback to help us shape our services. For example, you could undertake neighbourhood inspections or join a community group.

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IM-icon-orange-7.pngCustomer champion
Help us shape a service that matters to you – such as equality and diversity, the green agenda or health and safety – by joining discussions and giving us feedback.

IM-icon-orange-7-(1).pngResident inspectors
Undertake inspections to ensure that cleaning and grounds maintenance standards are met. 

IM-icon-orange-7-(2).pngComplaints panel
Join our complaints panel to help resolve individual customers’ complaints so we can understand what went wrong and how to resolve it. Training will be provided.

IM-icon-orange-5-(1).pngCommunity/residents’ group
Come along to your local residents’ group – or even help to start a new group – so you can improve the area you live in.

All you can eat

Support us with our largest projects, influence key decisions and develop your skills. For example, there are opportunities to join our Board or get involved with our Gateway Membership Team.

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IM-icon-purple-7.pngIM-icon-purple-5.pngJoin our Board
Our Board is responsible for the biggest decisions. There are opportunities for you to become involved with Board Committees, as well as the Board itself.

IM-icon-purple-7-(1).pngIM-icon-purple-5-(1).pngGateway Membership Team
Apply to join our Gateway Membership Team which represents all our residents. They hold regular meetings to discuss key issues that affect residents and they work closely with staff and our Board.


Opportunities suitable for even our busiest residents, including working with us from the comfort of your home by engaging with us through social media or by email.

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IM-icon-red-3.pngGive us feedback
Take part in digital surveys or join online discussions on a specific topic on an occasional ad hoc basis.

IM-icon-red-3-(1).pngJoin a funding panel
Join a panel of staff and tenants to consider online funding bids for community projects.

IM-icon-red-6.pngJoin our opportunities programme
Register to join our exciting programme and we’ll let you know about training or employment opportunities that can help you to improve your skills and reach your potential.

How to get involved

Once you’ve chosen your preferred options you can 'order' from the Involvement Menu by filling out our form below. You'll then be invited to a ‘skills mapping’ session, where we’ll chat with you about how you’re hoping to work with us and how we can make it happen!

You can also read the menu in full here.

To speak to a member of our Community Engagement team about getting involved, please email

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How we use your data

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