Join our upcoming Question Times!

Join our upcoming Question Times!
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Published: 11 Jan 2024

We have some exciting Q&As coming up and we'd like you to take part!

Tenant Question Times (TQTs) are a great way for you to engage with us, better understand why certain decisions are made and help make improvements. After our TQTs we host scrutiny sessions, where we do a deep dive on the topic. These sessions give our residents the ability to challenge us and ultimately help us make real change. You can find out more about TQTs and scrutiny here. 

We also host Q&A sessions for our leaseholders and shared ownership customers – they are a great chance for you to ask questions about your responsibilities and the services we provide. For more information about these sessions, visit our website here

Below is a list of our upcoming tenant, leaseholder and shared owner question time sessions:

Upcoming events

  • Tenant question time on our repairs contractors: 24 January - 6.30-8pm – Gateway House and Zoom
  • Shared owner session on our services: 13 February - 6.30-8pm – Zoom only
  • Tenant scrutiny session on our repairs contractors: 14 February - 10am-2.30pm – Gateway House and Zoom 
  • Leaseholder session on our services: 15 February - 6.30-8pm – Zoom only

If you would like to attend, and to send your questions in advance, please contact

The TQT on 24 January will be about our repairs contractors, with a specific focus on how we deal with complaints regarding contractors, communication with tenants when a contractor is involved, how many contractors we currently have in the repairs process and how we choose and monitor them.

If you need any help with transport or childcare costs, please let our Community team know by using the email above. 

Hearing loops can be available to use at the meeting, as well as interpreters and translators – if you require the use of these, or have any other accessibility needs, please contact our Community team and they will try their best to accommodate you.