Have we got your correct contact details?

Have we got your correct contact details?
Two minute read
Published: 19 Jun 2024

We regularly send out texts and emails just to your local area, updating you when something is happening in your community. Using our secure systems, we can let you know about anything that might affect you and your home, such as works being carried out in your area, as well as events in your community. 

It’s important that we have the correct contact information for you so that we can deliver a better service to you, keep you informed and ensure that your housing officer can contact you easily to provide support.

To update your contact details, simply email us at enquiries@wcht.org.uk – say “this is my email address” and include your name, mobile number, address and your tenancy number, if you know it. You can also update your details through your online account at wcht.org.uk.