Celebrating the Big Door Knock 2024!

Celebrating the Big Door Knock 2024!
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Published: 8 Jul 2024

Last month, Thursday 20 June, we took part in our annual Big Door Knock!

The Big Door Knock is an annual event where all of our staff, including some of our board members and Gateway Membership Team, get out into the community to visit our residents in person.

It's a great way for our residents to give us feedback, raise any concerns and learn more about the services we offer.

This year, we managed to visit 4,720 homes, carry out 1,248 resident surveys and we are happy to say that 76.4% of those residents are happy with our services!

While we tried to see as many of our residents as possible on the day, we unfortunately didn’t get to see everyone. For those residents, we are a running follow-up session on Tuesday 16 July to deliver their copy of Voice magazine as well as perform the resident survey. If you are still waiting for us to visit you, please contact community@wcht.org.uk to arrange a specific time or if you have any questions.

Check out our video of the Big Door Knock 2024!