How we're performing

We're committed to listening to your feedback. Here you can find out how we're performing, based on what you've said about our services, and what we're doing to make improvements.

In 2020 the government published the Social Housing White Paper, which set out how landlords across England could improve services for people living in social housing and ensure that tenants are listened to. This led to the creation of Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) which are a series of measures designed to assess how well a landlord is performing. As of April 2023, it is now law for all registered providers of social housing to annually collect and report data about their performance to the Regulator of Social Housing to provide tenants with greater transparency about their landlord’s performance.

We sent out our initial survey in July and will be sending out a follow-up in January, with the results to be published on our website in 2024. 

The Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code

The Housing Ombudsman released a new complaint handling code in January 2021. As part of this code, all housing associations and councils are expected to complete a periodic assessment of their current complaints policy and procedure. 

You can read our report on the findings of our October 2022-March 2023 assessment here.

You can read our Housing Ombudsman Self-Assessment form here. 

You Said, We Did...

As well as listening to your feedback, we know it's important to act on it too. 

Here's how we've improved our services based on what you've said.

Following a scrutiny exercise with our Gateway Membership Team...

...the Group retendered our out-of-hours service and appointed Lemon, whose service has been well regarded by customers so far.

You wanted to know when your communal cleaning will take place... Accuro now have a live cleaning schedule on their Facebook page, which you can view here. 
You wanted better communication from us... we now use the CX Feedback platform to send more direct messages, giving you the information that's relevant to you. 
To help our visually impaired customers...
...we have the option for them to stay on the line when calling us, rather than having to push buttons for different options. 
As a result of a complaint we received and feedback from our 'Repairs' tenant question time...
...we have made sure that weekend and evening appointments are available and offered to customers. 
Customers in our independent living accommodation were unhappy that their guests were not allowed to stay overnight... we changed our policy to allow them to stay for up to two weeks!

We received this feedback from happy customers.