Is this anti-social behaviour?

Sometimes you might see something in your neighbourhood that concerns you, or you may experience noise or anti-social behaviour that causes you distress. 

We are committed to supporting you with these concerns, in line with the following policies:

Good Neighbourhood Management Policy/Procedure

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Vulnerability Policy

Our easy-to-use toolkit can help you find out how we can support you. Choose the most relevant tile from the list below to get started.

What should I do if I experience a concern, noise or anti-social behaviour?

For cases of emergency, please dial 999 and notify the emergency services

If it isn't an emergency, please choose from the options above to find out how we can support you.

If I have spoken to my neighbour but it hasn't solved the issue, what action will Watford Community Housing take?

After we receive a report from you, we will assess the case and contact you to discuss the matter within one day for high-risk cases, three days for medium-risk cases and five days for low-risk cases. We will then open a case and make a plan to manage the concern. 

This will include speaking to all parties concerned and may involve other agencies. When speaking to the person or people causing the problem, we will not disclose who has reported the issue – unless you tell us that you want us to share this information.

If the concern, noise or anti-social behaviour continues or gets worse, we will consider the following before deciding what further action we will take:

  • The type of behaviour
  • How frequent the behaviour is
  • The severity of the behaviour
  • Who is affected
  • What interventions have been offered or taken up

Please note, evicting a tenant is not something we take lightly and it is not a decision we are able to make without a judgement from the County Court. Eviction action is only taken in extremely high-risk cases.