Handyperson service

Handyperson service

Watford Community Housing has partnered with AgeUK to offer a service for elderly or disabled tenants, to help them to complete small jobs and repairs around their homes. Find out more below, or download the leaflet here.

This service is a quick and easy way to complete those home improvement tasks which would normally be the responsibility of the tenant. This service is available in Watford and Three Rivers. You qualify for the service if you are Watford Community Housing resident and you are:

  • aged over 60 and unable to undertake certain repairs; or
  • 18-59 years old, disabled and unable to rely on your nearby support network for help

Register for the Handyperson service and the we will pay for the first hour of labour for two visits per financial year (i.e. from 1st April – 31st March).  van


Here are some examples of the small jobs and repairs the handyperson scheme can carry out:

  • Replacement of light shades/bulbs/tubes/fuses
  • Installing doorbells
  • Fitting curtain rails and blinds
  • Fitting shelves
  • Hanging pictures
  • Moving and assembling small pieces of furniture
  • Fitting towel rails
  • Draught-proofing
  • Replacing WC seats
  • Fitting additional locks to door, or other security measures

If you would like to register for the scheme, request an application form by emailing enquiries@wcht.org.uk or calling our customer service team on 0800 218 2247.

Once your application has been approved you’ll be able to talk to AgeUK to arrange a handyperson appointment.

AgeUK can be contacted by phone on 0208 386 4214 or 01442 259049 and by email on ho@ageukdacorum.org.uk.

I don’t qualify – can I still access the service?

If you have no support network to help you carry out repair works, you can still access the scheme, even if you don’t meet the criteria. However, we cannot fund any of the work and you will have to pay the full cost yourself. The full price of the service is £24 per hour plus VAT. This can be broken down into 15 minute sections at a cost of £6 each plus VAT.  

You will be responsible for supplying the materials for the works, and if this is not an option for you the handyperson can collect materials (but you will be charged for the cost of them, plus a delivery charge). An estimate of costs will be supplied by AgeUK before the works commence.

With AgeUK and Watford Community Housing providing a handyperson to help, your home will be in good hands in no time. Register today if you need a helping hand.





Terms and Conditions:

•Tenants must provide the materials needed for the jobs. If you are unable to provide them, materials can be sourced through approved partners, with a charge for collection of materials at a cost determined by AgeUK. Watford Community Housing will not cover this cost.

•The 2 hours of free service can be accessed once per financial year (beginning 1st April), after which you will have to pay the full service charge offered by AgeUK.