Looking after your home

Damp, mould & condensation

Keeping your home free from damp and moisture helps you stay healthy and ensures that your home remains in good condition.

Damp, mould and condensation can have a big impact on your home, but in many cases they can be solved by a few simple lifestyle changes.

There are two types of damp – external and internal. External damp results in damp patches on the wall or ceiling, and is caused by defects in the roof, gutter, cladding or windows. It’s up to us to carry out repairs to eliminate external damp, so if you see this in your home, please report it so we can arrange a repair.

Internal damp is caused by condensation, and can be harder to prevent or remove. This kind of damp results in damp patches on the upper junction between the wall and the ceiling, or on lower corners of walls. Removing internal damp can sometimes involve changing the heating and ventilation in your home, or rearranging furniture.

In both cases, damp can lead to mould. Mould is easier to remove, but you will need to stop condensation and damp at source in order to keep mould from returning.

For more information on identifying, removing and preventing damp, mould and condensation, check out our guide.