Fire safety

At Watford Community Housing, we work very hard behind the scenes to ensure our residents are at a minimum risk of fire. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you and your family are protected:



  1. Smoke alarms can save your life, but only if they are working. Make sure to test them regularly and report any issues by calling or emailing us.
  2. Avoid smoking indoors. If you must, make sure you stub cigarettes out properly and dispose of them safely.,
  3. Make sure all electrical appliances (like hair straighteners, laptops and kitchen appliances) are switched off when you are not using them. Registering your appliances also reduces fire risks - you can find out more here.
  4. Take extra care in the kitchen and don’t leave cooking unattended.


For more information on what you should do in a fire, you can read our fire safety policy here, or read the advice on the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue website.