Rent arrears

If you fall behind with payments or are having money difficulties please contact the team urgently on 0800 2182247. We will try to help you sort out your financial situation and work with you to come to an agreement. This will also put on hold any late payments letters and legal action.  It is important that you get help before your debt gets out of control. So as soon as you get into difficulties with paying your rent, or think you might, you must contact us.

Remember that your rent is a priority payment and legal action will be taken if it is not paid and you have don’t have an agreement in place with us.  

It is much better to let us know than keeping the problem to yourself. We are not here to judge your situation, but to point you in the right direction to get help. Above all we are here to help you keep your home!

Please remember – we do not want to evict anyone. We want to avoid legal action so, come and talk to our staff as soon as you think you may get into difficulty with money.

If you fall into serious rent arrears and do not comply with the agreement to pay you risk being evicted. Evictions may also be carried out for severe cases of anti-social behaviour and racial harassment.  Rent arrears have serious consequences but we will always try to help you if you contact us.  Don't wait until it's too late. 

Call the Rent Team now 0800 2182247

You may be able to get help with your rent through Housing Benefit. Click here to use our Benefit Calculator. 
To find out more you will need to apply to your local Council’s Housing Benefit department.
You will be asked to fill out an application form and supply proof of the information you provide, for example, ID, proof of address and income.

To apply for Housing Benefit call 01923 226400 if you live in Watford or call 01923 776611 if you live in Three Rivers.