Our translation services

We know that our tenants have a range of different communication needs and we will always try to communicate as clearly and effectively as possible, taking into account individual needs. Find out how we can help you in a language that you are comfortable with.

Other than English, our tenants speak over 30 languages with the top five being Urdu, Polish, Arabic, Punjabi and Italian.  

Here are some of the translation services we provide:

  • If you call or visit us in person and need a translator to help you, we will use a service called Language Line that connects us to a trained translator that can speak the language required. There are also staff members that may be able to act as informal translators if necessary. 
  • We also can provide BSL or Makaton interpreters, large print documents and braille resources on request. 
  • We know that many tenants rely on their family or members of their community to give them support with translation services. Please know that we can provide independent support for you, especially if the matter is sensitive, such as relating to domestic abuse or money worries.  
  • Our website features a ‘select language’ tool which can translate each page both verbally and in writing. You can select this feature and translate our website into over 100 different languages!

We want to make sure we communicate with you in the way that best suits you – if you haven’t told us your language preference, get in touch or update your details on your online account.  

Our translation policy