Let's Go!

We believe in working in partnership to transform our communities and change lives for the better. Over the next five years, we want to do even more. Our 2020-2025 Business Plan and our suite of strategies set out how we're going to do it. So let's go!

Our Business Plan sets out the key areas we will focus on between 2020 and 2025.

Our main focus is on providing excellent housing at a price people can afford. 

We are also committed to working with our partners to nurture strong communities in all the areas where we provide homes and services.

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We have three interlinking priorities that will enable us to work in partnership to transform communities and deliver on our promises.

Our Customer Promise.

At the heart of our Business Plan is our Customer Promise, which sets out our five service priorities for the next five years. It was created in consultation with residents, so it reflects what matters most to our customers.

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Our strategies

To support our overall plan, we have a suite of strategies covering the main areas of our work. 

These strategies will guide what we do over the next five years, to help us enhance our communities, deliver great services, develop much-needed homes and meet our customers' expectations.

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The right home can set people up to lead more fulfilling lives. We’re committed to ensuring that our customers’ homes are well-maintained and fit for modern life, giving people a solid foundation and the chance to live well. 

It is vital that we invest in the buildings we own so that we can continue to provide high-quality homes and services.

Strong, cohesive and prosperous communities provide the foundations for people to live better lives.

By investing in local initiatives, we can help people to connect and form wider support networks. We can also give people access to services that can be vital to their wellbeing and help them make a success of their tenancy with us.

We do so much more than just providing everyday services. We want people to feel good about every interaction with us, and inspired by the homes we provide and the communities we nurture. 

By delivering a great customer experience, we can ensure that people trust us and help them to feel happier, safer and more secure.

We want to help individuals to thrive and create stronger and safer communities. By delivering high-quality housing management services, we can empower our customers and ensure that neighbourhoods prosper.

We are committed to working together with residents to build mutually respectful relationships.

New homes give people valuable opportunities. That’s why we’re committed to building as many as we can, especially for people who cannot afford to rent or buy a good home. 

Working both independently and in partnership with others, we will deliver 1,580 new homes in total by March 2025.

We are committed to finding solutions that allow us to work effectively and offer more to our residents.

This means delivering a great customer experience by making it easy for people to manage their tenancy and engage with us online, as well as empowering our staff with the technology they need to provide excellent services efficiently. 

It’s good to talk. We do important work to change lives and enhance communities, so we want to tell our story – helping to foster better relationships with our customers, as well as key partners and other stakeholders. 

By engaging with residents, we can help people to understand everything we do and how they can get the most out of their time as our customer, making sure nobody is left behind.

Our people are our greatest asset. They are central to our success, as it is only through their talent, energy and commitment that we can achieve our vision of ‘Better homes, friendlier communities – together’.

Over the next five years, we will continue to build a vibrant culture based on our values.