Leaseholder Repairs

Leasehold Repairs Watford Community Housing is responsible for making sure that the main structure (e.g. roof, walls, and communal areas) of your building and the common areas of your block and estate are kept in a good state of repair and decoration. Whilst the responsibility for organising this work is ours, you have a responsibility under the lease to pay for your share of the work.

As we often own some rented homes in each block, we will also be paying for this work, so we have a strong interest in making sure that we only do work which is necessary and that we get the best value for money that we can. This does not always mean agreeing to the cheapest work, nor the highest quality – it will be about securing the best balance of quality, price and value for money.

There are legal requirements about how we consult you when we need to do this type of work and you will be given information and asked to give us your views and observations. We are required to consider your views but this does not mean that we will always agree with your views. Watford Community Housing will have a responsibility to make the best decisions it can in order to ensure that the block or estate is kept in a good state of repair and decoration.

There are sometimes changes in the legal requirement relating to buildings which means that we have to carry out unexpected works in order to comply with the law.

Where this happens you will also be informed or consulted about the work and you will be required to pay your share of the costs.

We can carry out improvements to your block or estate but you will need to pay your share of these works if we carry them out. We will always consult you about this.  

Where and when possible we will show scheduled works for leasehold properties from this page.