Home contents insurance

Home contents insurance

Have you ever thought about how you would replace the contents of your home if something happened to them? Fires, floods and theft can happen to anyone, and being left without your valuables or any compensation can be devastating. my home logo

We know that the contents of your home are more than just contents - the things you own are a huge part of your life. That’s why we offer a special scheme to protect them.

In partnership with Allianz Insurance, we can offer a contents insurance scheme which makes it easy to feel reassured about your possessions. Furniture, belongings, decorations and electrical goods will all be covered in one policy. By paying the premium monthly, fortnightly or annually through a payment method which best suits you (including swipe cards, direct debit, cheques or postal orders), you can get peace of mind at special low cost rate.

Once you’ve taken out this insurance, as well as having security for most of your possessions, you will also be replace your external locks if your keys are lost or stolen, as well as the contents of your freezer.

Full details of the policy are available upon request.

To apply, simply complete the form below and return it to:

Incomes Team
Watford Community Housing
59 Clarendon Road
WD17 1LA

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