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I've been offered a property, what happens next?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions about the next stage of the lettings process.

I have been offered a property, what happens next?
If you bid for the property, then your local authority will advise our Lettings team of your offer via the Transfer Scheme. If you have been granted a direct offer, then the Lettings team will confirm your offer in line with our procedures. Once the offer has been confirmed the team will keep you updated on the detail of the process.
When can I view the property?
After you complete a successful affordability assessment, the Lettings team will invite you to view the property while repair works are taking place. We carry out viewings during the works to give you time to prepare yourself for moving in.
Can I have a second viewing once works are completed?
You are only allowed one viewing, so we recommend bringing along a measuring tape and taking lots of pictures and videos.
Will you decorate the property during the repair works?
Decoration is the tenant’s responsibility; however, the property may be entitled to a paint pack which provides you with the tools and paint to begin decorating. You will be notified at sign up if the property qualifies for a paint pack.
Will you provide floor coverings?
Watford Community Housing will provide anti-slip floor coverings in the kitchen and bathroom for your health and safety. All other areas to be covered will be the tenant’s responsibility. Please note that if you in a flat and are above the first floor you cannot lay laminate flooring. If you have been allocated a new build property, vinyl/carpeting may be gifted to you – you will be notified at sign up if that applies to you.
Are the properties fully furnished?
All properties are advertised with no furnishings or white goods.
Who is responsible for the upkeep of the garden? (Houses only)
Before you move in, we will ensure the garden is free from serious health and safety issues, you are then responsible for the upkeep following your tenancy start date. In some cases the garden works will be completed after you move in – if this is the case for you, you will be informed of this at sign up.
Who is responsible for the fence?
Watford Community Housing is responsible for fences separating communal areas, and the customer is responsible for fences separating gardens (houses only).
Do you deep clean the property before I move in?
Watford Community Housing does not complete a deep clean of the property, we clear up tradesman debris as per our letting standards.
Are the locks changed before I move in?
Yes, front and back door locks (if applicable) are changed upon the property being ready to let.
I have accepted the offer, now what happens?
The Lettings Team will be notified that you have accepted the offer and will contact you to arrange a pre-tenancy appointment. During the appointment they will go through the essential information including how to have a successful start to the tenancy and how much rent in advance is due before tenancy sign up. Once the advance rent is taken or a payment plan has been agreed and the property is ready to move into, the ‘sign up’ process begins and is usually arranged within two days. You will sign your Tenancy Agreement via Secure-Sign (an electronic document signing system) and we will book in an appointment for the key collection. If the property isn’t ready to let, the Lettings team will keep you updated on a regular basis.
I have a pet, is this an issue?
Pets are allowed in specific properties and permission must be requested from Watford Community Housing – contact us and we will send you a form to fill out.
How much rent do I need to pay in advance?
Anything up to four weeks will be requested – this is dependent on when your direct debit is set up for and/or when you receive your benefits. This will be discussed with you at your pre-tenancy appointment.
I can't pay my rent in advance; can I still sign up?
We require rent in advance from all new customers. Our Lettings Officer will discuss and agree with you other options for payment.
How do I receive my paperwork as part of my sign up?
You will receive many documents as part of your sign up which will all be emailed to you, prior to collecting your keys. Watford Community Housing uses Secure-Sign on most occasions for signing your Tenancy Agreement. Your Tenancy Agreement must be signed before you collect the keys to your new home.