Right to Buy and Right to Acquire schemes

As a tenant you may be able to purchase the property you rent from us using the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire schemes. 

Your tenancy start date (which could include earlier tenancies with Watford Community Housing or another housing association), will decide which scheme you fall under, if any. house pound

Only secure tenants who were transferred from Watford Borough Council to the Watford Community Housing on 10th September 2007 qualify for the Right to Buy scheme.  If your tenancy began after 10th September 2007, you do not qualify, but may have the Right to Acquire.  

For information about Right to Buy, click here

For information about Right to Acquire, click here

Please note that if you are looking to buy your home, the Watford Community Housing staff that deal with the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire applications are unable to provide you with financial help or advice. 

For all the official government information and advice you will need, please follow the links below: