Tenant spotlight — Tony Lankester

Tenant spotlight — Tony Lankester
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Published: 11 Mar 2024

Tony, one of our Independent Living residents, was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 54. Having finally got a diagnosis, he felt an overwhelming drive to beat the condition and take back control of his life.

Tony has written a book that captures his journey to understanding his own body, mind and spirit, and gives ‘how to’ tips that readers can apply to their own wellness journey. Here is what Tony had to say:

“After having episodes as a teenager and not knowing what was causing them, getting diagnosed at 54 was like a revelation – I could finally put a handle on this monster that would reappear every so often.

“I went on a journey to learn everything I could about this term called ‘holistic wellness’ which is how the mind, body and spirit interlink and should work in harmony. Since mastering it, I haven’t had a bipolar episode in 11 years.

“I felt like I wanted to give something back so decided to turn my experience into a book. Over the years, I created seven volumes of journals that documented how I was getting better, as well as all my research which formed the basis of my book.

“I wanted it to be bite-sized chunks, so it was easy to pick up and put down and as easily digestible as possible. There are about 1,100 bullet points in the book so people can pick and choose which points work for you in terms of taking control of your wellness.

“I’ve been on a steep learning curve over the last few years, collecting information and making it accessible for as many people as possible across the world. It’s great fun – there is so much to learn about! I am looking into making a hardback version of the book, an audiobook that I can make myself using AI, YouTube channels for longer form content, using social media for marketing, and making books targeted to specific groups like PTSD in war veterans, over-50s and families living on a budget. I have a big masterplan – it’s very exciting!

“As my way of giving back, I am very proud to be giving 50% of the proceeds from the book to charity. The money will be going towards pre- and post-natal care for mothers and babies in third world countries.”

Tony’s book – Mastering Holistic Wellness: a practical guide for every day – is available on Amazon and through Kindle unlimited.

To buy Tony’s easy-to-read, empowering guide, click the link here.