Our funding, available in your community

Our funding, available in your community
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Community is at the heart of what we do, so if you have a community project, or if you want to get involved with one, we can provide support.

Often, it can be difficult to generate the money needed to put on vital initiatives and events, which is why we have three different funding pools, ensuring that the right funds are given to the projects that help the most.

Our Community Chest fund supports community projects that require funding of £500 or less. Previously, Community Chest funding has helped to provide everything from computers to café equipment. If you are part of a group that works to make life better for people, or the environment, we can provide you with the money to make it happen.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we have restructured our Community Development Fund to provide support to small charities and organisations in the voluntary sector that are aiding the local community.

In order to be eligible for this Covid-19 grant, you will need to meet one of the below criteria:

• Provide a service/project to support the wellbeing of the community

• Provide a service/project for vulnerable people

Lots of our local areas also have tenant or residents’ associations. We offer these groups help to get started and ongoing support and funding. If you are part of a tenant/residents’ association and you’re looking for help with a start-up, an event, or an annual or special grant, please get in touch.

Funding requests are reviewed once a month by our funding panel, which includes residents. If you are planning to apply for funding, please make sure you submit your request as early as possible so that we have time to get in touch if we need additional information from you.

If you have any questions about applications for funding or support, you can email our Community Engagement Team at community@wcht.org.uk or call 01923 209 183.