New homes for shared ownership in St Albans

New homes for shared ownership in St Albans
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Our latest collaboration with Stonebond Properties and our first development in St Albans is now complete!

Radio Place, on Oaklands Lane in Smallford, St Albans, is a new development of 24 three-, four- and five-bedroom homes for market sale – alongside the 3 two-bedroom homes that we are bringing to market for shared ownership.

Completed in less than eight months, each property benefits from a private parking space, as well as spacious front and rear gardens which residents will no doubt enjoy with spring on the horizon.

Commenting on our first development in St Albans, our Chief Executive, Tina Barnard said:

“We’re extremely proud to have completed our first development in St Albans, especially as it brings much-needed affordable housing to an area which can be very expensive. We’re firmly committed to new partnership projects that allow us to diversify our portfolio and bring high-quality affordable homes to a greater number of residents.”

In an expensive housing market, shared ownership provides an opportunity for those who cannot afford to buy on the open market, and it may be an avenue that you wish to consider. If you’d like to find out more, we have additional information here.