Introducing… The Noise App

Introducing… The Noise App
Two minute read
Published: 4 Apr 2023

After a successful trial period, we have launched a new app that provides a simple way to ensure noise complaints are reported safely and securely!

The Noise App allows customers to record and send any kind of noise nuisance directly to their Housing Officer. It is completely free – simply download the app, set up an account and start recording.

The app allows us to understand from the first point of contact whether the noise you have sent us counts as anti-social behaviour (e.g., neighbours blasting music at 3am) or simply a difference in lifestyle (e.g., children playing loudly in the garden at 2pm). We can then manage expectations better and be more open and transparent about what help we can offer. 

To build a case, it’s important to keep track the noise over time – this app allows you to accurately record your exact location and time it occurred which ensures an objective log of evidence. 

Download the app for free here!

Check out their quick set up guide.