You said, we did – Croxley View garages

You said, we did – Croxley View garages
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For a very long time the unsightly garage sites in Croxley View were used as a dumping ground for fly-tippers – and were filled with asbestos, attracted anti-social behaviour and were an eye-sore in the community.  We listened to the local community and agreed to demolish the garages in order to provide much-needed parking spaces.

Watford Community Housing’s surveying manager, David Wright, planned the design and found a contractor that could deliver the project to a high standard. MYSONS began working on site in January 2021 – and completed the works in April.

There are four separate sites – each with identical parking – for Croxley View residents and their visitors only. The sites include 16 parking spaces, two disabled spaces and two motorbike spaces, as well as a height-restricted entrance.

Residents are very pleased with the new parking sites and have said that they “made the area visually more appealing and safer.” 

One Croxley View resident, Tracy, said, “I’m very happy with it. It makes the estate look so much tidier! Hopefully it will stop all the anti-social behaviour and double parking.”

Another resident said, “It looks so much better than before; very nice and very clean.” 

Our surveying manager, David Wright, is also very happy with the new parking sites, adding that, “Parking spaces around Watford are much sought-after, so it’s great that we can offer these spaces to our residents at Croxley View.  I would like to offer my thanks to all the residents for their patience while the work was ongoing.”  

Check out the photos below to see the progress of the sites - from the old garages to neat new parking spaces.