Resident inspector wins luxury Fortnum & Mason hamper!

Resident inspector wins luxury Fortnum & Mason hamper!
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Our contractor, Engie, kindly donated a luxury hamper from Fortnum & Mason and our Customer Relations team decided to hold a prize draw – with all of our resident inspectors and customer representatives taking part – to see who should be awarded it. 

And the winner was… Mrs T Amangbo!

Our Customer Relations Officer, Sarah, delivered the hamper to Mrs Amangbo and used the opportunity to ask her about her role as one of our volunteer resident inspectors. 

What made you become a resident inspector?

I honestly didn’t even think I would be selected for this role when I applied, but as I had previously worked as a change agent with one of the well-known airports, I believed my input would be valuable. I am really elated that I was picked, and I can help to make a difference which is valuable to other residents. 

What do you enjoy most about being a resident inspector?

I love the fact that I can represent all residents if there are any concerns or issues which needs addressing. There is a need to understand how to manage such a diverse set of residents and I’ve loved the challenge. 


What other challenges are there in this role?

My main challenges have been how to go about meeting varied residents’ needs, but there have been some needs that we were not able to meet, although the residents are aware that these just require dialogues with the right parties to attain balance and a happy outcome. I continue to work hand-in-hand with both Watford Community Housing and the residents to ensure we are both meeting the right level of satisfaction. 


Do you feel the standard of grounds maintenance and communal cleaning has improved over the past few months?

I believe that, over time, we have gained a better understanding of Accuro’s staff and, thanks to regular communication, we have now been able to get the best out of them. Even with Covid, they have continued to provide excellent service and we cannot thank them enough for continuously maintaining our buildings and environment. 


How is the support from Watford Community Housing?

Watford Community Housing is such a great organisation. They have implemented changes when and where required and it would be a pleasure to continue being a resident inspector with such a great team of people and organisation. I have continuously felt valued and honoured to be part of a great team. 


Congratulations to Mrs Amangbo for winning the hamper – and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us!

Would you like to be a resident inspector? Our resident inspector scheme is an amazing opportunity for you to get involved and to help keep us updated on the standards of grounds maintenance and cleaning in your local area. As a resident inspector you would be asked to complete an inspection of grounds maintenance and communal cleaning in your area and then score it using a provided score sheet, which we then share with our contractor to make sure that they are maintaining a high standard of work and meeting customer expectations. 

To become a resident inspector, email our Customer Relations team at: