Meet the hirers – ((Bounce)) Watford and Bushey

Meet the hirers – ((Bounce)) Watford and Bushey
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((Bounce)) is a fun, friendly and most of all fierce mini-trampoline class that takes place in our Leavesden Green Hub. 

Since being founded in 2014, ((Bounce)) has become an international franchise with classes as far away as New Zealand! There are hundreds of classes all over the UK and we are very lucky to have one in our hub. The Watford branch is run by the lovely Atlanta, whose favourite thing about the classes is simply seeing how happy everyone is when taking part. She says that although many people are a little nervous at first, they soon bounce all their worries away!

Although the trampolines are mini, it is definitely not a mini workout – doing just ten minutes of a bounce class is the same as a 30-minute run! It is high-cardio, low-impact, and aims to make fitness fun and more accessible for everyone. 

Can’t find a babysitter? 

Don’t worry! Bounce runs child-friendly classes so your baby can boogie in the buggy next to your trampoline or your kids can scoot around the room. 

Each class is friendly and welcoming – and filled with both regulars and newbies – as it is perfect for all ages and abilities. You might have seen the classes running in the car park, but we are very happy that they are now able to bounce inside the hub again!

A huge thank you to Atlanta for telling us all about her classes. You can find out more about ((Bounce)) here: and follow them on social media: and