Join our funding panel!

Join our funding panel!
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As part of our 2020-2025 Business Plan, we are committed to investing £1 million into the local community over the next five years. We want you to be involved in making sure we are meeting the needs of our customers, and to represent the voice of the community.

We want to create vibrant communities that people are proud to live in – not just for our customers but for everyone! To do this we are investing £1 million into local initiatives that will play an essential role in supporting local people. For example, we will work in partnership with specialists to support anyone who may be facing mental health issues such as social isolation, and we will work with organisations to help people gain qualifications and the experience they will need to live independently. 

To make sure our investment is having a real impact, we want to put our customers at the heart of our decision-making. Therefore, we are looking for dedicated individuals who want to support their local communities. This is a voluntary role that gives you have a say in where the money is spent and what projects will benefit the community most.

If you are interested, or you want more information, please email