Feed bellies, not bins!

Feed bellies, not bins!
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When Covid struck, our office went from supplying jars of tea and coffee to individual bags and sachets - to be more Covid safe. This meant that we then had a huge amount of excess tea, coffee and sugar.

Gurmit, our Hubs and Facilities Officer, knew we couldn’t let this stock go to waste and asked the Communities team if they knew anyone that would benefit from the extra supplies. They knew the perfect place – Random Café. 

Random Café’s mission is to feed bellies, not bins! They have the aim of reducing food waste and improving sustainability in Watford by intercepting food that would otherwise be thrown away and selling it at their mini market in our Leavesden Green Community Hub. Jane, who runs Random Café, said she was very grateful for supplies and thanked us for thinking of her. She has already made up little bags of tea, coffee and sugar to hand out to her customers. 

So, thank you to Gurmit and our Communities team for making sure our stock doesn’t go to waste and instead benefits our local community.

You can find out about the amazing work Random Café do here: randomcafewatford.com/ or follow them on social media: www.instagram.com/randomcafeuk/