A new home for Random Café

A new home for Random Café

We have worked closely with Random Café throughout the pandemic – and now we’ve helped them find a new home at Meriden Community Gardens.

Random Café is a volunteer-led organisation dedicated to saving food waste and bringing essential items to those in need. It allows customers to buy essential foods on a pay-as-you-feel basis, helping to ensure that nobody goes hungry.

Throughout this year, we’ve helped Random Café to keep operating despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. The café has utilised our hubs to hold pop-up shops within our local communities.

Random Café has also been on the lookout for a more permanent home and we’ve now been able to make this a reality too, by offering the Meriden Community Gardens at a very low rent. Together, we hope this will revitalise the garden as an outdoor space at the heart of the community.

Through an online funding platform, the organisation now hopes to raise enough funds and interest in the project to community build their café structure. This will allow Random Café to carry on its hard work and continue to save hundreds of tonnes of needless food waste, whilst also supporting those in need within our communities.

Julie Dare, our Senior Hubs and Facilities Officer, said: “We are so happy to be working with The Random Café and we can’t wait to see The Meriden Garden become the fully inclusive community space we know it can be. They have such an exciting project with a strong focus on sustainability as well as offering something truly needed in the area with their pay as you can ethos in their pop-up shop and future café. The Random Café are fully committed to seeing the full potential of the site and we cannot wait to see the changes as they progress.”