157 new homes completed and 328 under construction at the end of 2020/21

By building new homes, we can give more people the chance to live somewhere that is comfortable, safe and affordable. In 2020/21, we continued to deliver on our development goals.

Building much-needed homes

Although we are not one of the biggest housing associations, we aim to punch above our weight when it comes to building new homes because we know they give people valuable opportunities. In 2020/21 we completed 157 new homes, which put us amongst the top ten housing associations for new homes built as a proportion of their total housing stock, according to figures collected by Inside Housing magazine.

45 of these new homes were part of a new development off Bucknalls Lane, which included the 500th new home built by Watford Community Housing since we were formed in 2007! We celebrated this landmark with the occupants in August 2020, as the family enjoyed their new home.

We also completed 28 homes as part of the ongoing Meriden regeneration programme, which is delivering a total of 133 homes, an expanded community hub, a flexicare facility for older people, new green spaces and a brand new shopping parade.

A range of tenure options

We build homes across a range of tenures to provide affordable options for people, as well as opportunities for individuals to get onto the housing ladder through shared ownership properties. When we build homes for outright sale, the proceeds go back into delivering new homes and great services for residents.

106 homes for affordable rent

6 homes for social rent

38 homes for shared ownership

7 homes for outright sale

In addition to the homes we completed, we had a further 328 under construction at the end of the year. These included 86 homes that are being delivered through our Hart Homes joint venture with Watford Borough Council, as well as 242 homes being built by Watford Community Housing directly.

Working to deliver homes for social rent

Social rented homes provide very low rents for those in greatest need, so we’re working in partnership with Watford Borough Council on a programme of homes for social rent across eight sites. These developments all progressed during 2020/21 and will be completed during 2021/22.

Helping to tackle homelessness

We are also involved with a number of programmes to help address homelessness in our communities. We purchased 11 homes using commuted sums from Watford Borough Council, paid in lieu of affordable housing on private developments – these homes will be available for the council to allocate to those in need. Working with YMCA, we also acquired homes in Watford and Three Rivers as part of the government’s Next Steps Accommodation Programme, which provides funding to support local authorities and partners such as us in providing homes for rough sleepers.