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Scrutiny review

The Gateway Membership Team have been working with residents and staff to secure the best possible services for residents.

Following feedback from tenants and other local residents about our grounds maintenance and cleaning services, the Gateway Membership Team has been working with a dedicated team of residents to carry out a scrutiny review and contract procurement.

The review looked at the standards the contracts are currently providing, and what could be done to help shape the service to better meet the expectations and needs of our residents.

After visiting local communal areas to inspect the work and meeting with contractors and staff, the review group put together a report of the whole process, including feedback and monitoring. You can read the report and the action plan put together as a result here: 

Service improvement action plan

A new contract

The scrutiny review team were recently involved in helping Watford Community Housing secure a new contract with Accuro for our cleaning and grounds maintenance services.

The procurement process involved approaching different businesses, reviewing their pitches, visiting sites and scoring them based on the criteria decided by the group.

The hard work of the scrutiny review team means we have chosen a contractor, Accuro, who will provide the best service for residents and the best value for money for the organisation. The new contract began in April 2019.