Planning Application

Our full planning submission is outlined below.

Scheme summary

The proposed development will see the redevelopment of the Brow which will provide 8 retail spaces and a total of 37 affordable family homes for rent.

Proposed unit mix

The sizes and types of units is summarised in the table below:

Affordable homes:

The mix and types of the affordable homes are shown in the table below: 

Affordable Housing
Property Type Total Number  SIze (sq.M)
1 bed 2 person apartments 21 50
2 bed 3 person apartments 12 62
3 bed 5 person apartments 4 100
Total 37  

Watford Borough Council planning policy requires 35% of new dwellings to be for affordable housing. Based on a 37 unit development with a mixture of private sale and affordable units, there would only be the obligation to provide 13 affordable homes under a S106 agreement. However, we will be providing all 37 units for rent which is a net gain of 24 affordable homes for rent to local people.

Tenure details
Unit Type Tenure % market rent Rent (per week)

1b2p Apartment

Affordable rent 71% £156
2b3p Apartment Affordable rent 71% £196
3b5p Apartment Market Rent 100% £300

Existing Site

Site Location Plan

Site location plan      


Existing Site Plan

existing site plan

Existing Elevations 1

Existing elevations

Existing Elevations 2

Existing elevations

Existing Section

Existing section


Proposed plans

Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Proposed ground floor

Proposed First Floor Plan

Proposed first floor plan

Proposed Second Floor Plan

Proposed second floor plan

Proposed Third Floor Plan

Proposed third floor plan

Proposed Roof Plan

Proposed roof plan

Typical Proposed Flat Layout

Typical proposed flat layout

Temporary Retail Park Plan

Temporary retail park

Proposed Elevations 1

Proposed elevations 1

Proposed Elevations 2

Proposed elevations 2

Proposed Elevations 3 

Proposed elevations 3

Proposed Section

Proposed section

3D Views

3D views

Tree Constraints Plan

Tree Constraints