Tenancy audits

Tenancy audits

What is a tenancy audit?

A tenancy audit is a survey which involves your Neighbourhood Officer visiting you to take down some details about you, your household and your property. These surveys are important as they help us confirm detailed information about who is living in our homes.  They also help us check that we are providing the right kind of services for our residents.

How often will I be asked to complete a tenancy audit?

We will usually only visit you once every five years to carry out a tenancy audit. In other words, we aim to complete a tenancy audit in 20% of our properties every year. We may visit or revisit you sooner or more regularly than that if we receive any information that may require us to confirm changes to your circumstances with you.

What do we do with the Information you provide?

  • It will help us better understand the needs of our residents.
  • It will help us provide services which meets your needs.
  • It will help us ensure that all residents receive a fair and equitable service.
  • It will help us establish which service areas residents are currently happy with and which service areas which could be improved.
  • It will help us identify where our housing stock may be over- or under- occupied and provides an opportunity to giving advice on alternative housing options.
  • It will help us identify potential tenancy fraud.

As with all information we hold about you, the information you provide will be processed in strict compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Access Requirements

We will usually not give you prior notice of a tenancy audit visit being carried out. If you are not at home on the day of our visit, we will attend on another day. We may visit in the evenings or at the weekend. Through our tenancy agreement with you, Watford Community Housing has the right to enter our properties to carry out an inspection. If we fail to gain access to your property following a number of visits, and we have reason to believe that you have vacated the property, we may consider serving you a Notice to Quit which is the first step to taking back possession of the property.

If you have any questions about this please contact neighbourhoodservicesteam@wcht.org.uk