Shared Owners

As Shared Owners, you may require a different set of services from us. We've tailored our approach to help you look after your home in the best possible way. 

Below are a number of Shared Ownership FAQs to help you get the most out of what we offer: 


What should I do if I need to report a repair for a communal building? 

If you need to report a communal repair or damage, please contact our Customer Services Team, who will be more than happy to book an appointment for you.

You can contact them either via email on or by calling 0800 218 2247.


What should I do if I want to make changes to my home?

If you are looking to make any changes to your home, other than basic cosmetic improvements, please make sure that you gain our permission first. 

This must be done by completing the form below and sending this for the attention of our Customer Relations department, either via email at or by post.


I am looking to purchase more shares in my home or I'm looking to sell my property - who should I talk to?

If you have any further questions or concerns, please get in touch by calling 01923 209172 or emailing us on


How do I make a payment for my rent and service charges? 

By Direct Debit - Call the rent team on 01923 209111 to set up a Direct Debit 
Rent and Service Charges Direct Debit Form
Pay online - Click here to pay online – you will need to input the reference number. If you were not sent a card or have forgotten the number please contact the Rent Team on 01923 209111

Pay using your Mobile Phone - If you have a Smartphone why not take advantage of Allpay’s app to make payments to your account. For more information about paying using your mobile phone click here.
Alternatively you can pay your rent by text messaging. 

By Bank Transfer - You can instruct your bank to make payments directly to the details are below. To enable us to credit the money to your account in the reference please quote your tenancy number. This is the 10 digit number beginning with 700 or 600 depending on your account, which appears on correspondence we send you. If you do not know this please contact the Rents Team on 01923 209111. If you prefer, we can send you a standing order form for you to complete and send to your bank.

Payment to:          Watford Community Housing 
Account No           33164985
Sort code               20-00-00
Reference             Your account number beginning 600 or 700

By telephone via an Automated payment service  - This service is available to anyone with a landline telephone or mobile which has a touch tone keypad.
•    Dial 0330 041 6497
•    You will be prompted to enter the 19 digit number on the payment card.
•    If you have not received a payment card please contact the rent team on 01923 209111
•    An authorisation code is given for each successful transaction, which acts in exactly the same way as a paper receipt.
•    This service is completely secure, so you can be assured that your personal details will not be disclosed to anyone else. This service is hosted by Allpay.


I've got some feedback for you - how can I get in touch?

Each of the services we offer have service standards. It is really helpful for us when we receive feedback for when we go above (compliment) or below those standards (complaint). Your feedback is really important to us and helps us provide our services. You can feedback to us by filling out the form here.