Boundary Way - Parking

We know that parking is a key concern for residents. Parking has historically been built around garage areas within remote blocks, supplemented by limited surface parking mainly within the garage courts. In the present day, the majority of let garages are used for storage.

The current situation with parking is that there is a great deal of ‘informal’ parking around the garage courts and streets. Our proposals are designed to ensure that we create more available parking for everyone, with identified bays and improved access. We also want to remove the anti-social potential of the garage areas.
The Pre Application response from Hertfordshire Highways Department welcomed the proposals to provide additional parking as it would aid free and safe flow of traffic around the estate.

The proposals will create a total of 472 surface parking spaces, combining the on street and courtyard parking, compared with the current total of 392. There are presently 86 locally rented garages across the site, and the proposals allow 28 to remain on completion.