Our social media - come and chat!

Our social media - come and chat!

It's important to us that you, our residents, are able to get in touch with us in a number of ways, so you can choose the way which works best for you. 

Although calling our customer service team is the appropriate channel for almost all questions and reports, sometimes phoning isn't an option, and can limit where, how and when you report your problem to us. Social media is also a place for us to share news, events, show you the community work we do and update you about important or urgent situations. 

That's why we have a number of social media pages available, each with a different purpose.


Watford Community Housing Trust - This is our main page. Here you'll find important updates, good news from around the community, information from across the county, top tips to make your life safer, cheaper and easier and anything else we need to communicate with you! You can also send a message to this page, and you should receive a response within the hour (during office hours). It's a good idea to follow this page and check for updates regularly, in case there is something of interest that you might have missed otherwise.  fb logo

Community Hubs - This is the page dedicated specifically to events, news, information and updates about community events, in particular ones held at our Leavesden Green and Harebreaks Hubs. Here you'll find pictures of the events we've been holding, advertisements for classes, sessions and fun times and other family-friendly advice and information. 

Gateway Voices - The final Facebook page we monitor is a discussion group for tenants, an online forum for discussion. If you have a question, our communities team will try and answer it for you, and other tenants can weigh in with their thoughts. This is a group for constructive conversations, help and support and for tenants to be able to engage with us. 

Please note that these three Facebook pages are the only channels that we are affiliated with. We do not monitor or read any other Facebook pages.


We also have a Twitter account. Sometimes there are different posts on Twitter, especially ones to do with our organisation in the wider housing sector. Twitter is another quick and easy way to get in touch with us, by either directly messaging our account or tagging us using our handle @watfordgateway.  twitter logo

If you'd like to get in touch with us on social media, please get in touch any of the above channels and we'll see how we can help!