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Stars in their eyes at Cassiobury Park!

Stars in their eyes at Cassiobury Park!

Cassiobury Park was recently host to a stargazing event which saw families in the local community come together to learn all about everything astronomical. Watford Community Housing partnered with South West Herts Astronomical Society and other local organisations to bring the skies back down to earth to help families understand more about space and the universe.


Despite cloudy skies, the event was a huge hit, with over 400 people attending in one evening. The event boasted a range of exciting gadgets, with a Virtual Reality headset, a replica of a Sokol space suit, real-life bits of meteorites and lunar rocks and long-range telescopes. The event focused on teaching any budding space cadets (and their parents!) about the mysteries of space, and making this exciting branch of science come to life.

Volunteers from Watford Community Housing, whilst not exactly space experts, brought space-themed games to bring even more fun to the evening. A space hunt, which was, in the words of the Cassiobury Park Manager, a ‘smash hit’ saw over 50 children taking part in a space-themed challenge in order to win prizes. There were also pictures to colour in, make-your-own spaceship crafts and very popular glitter tattoos!

The event was a real success, and helped inspire a new interest in space for lots of families. Watford Community Housing would like to thank the staff who volunteered for their hard work in helping to share information about what we do to the wider community. We hope that we’ll be shooting for the stars more often! 

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