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Our new computer recruits pass with flying colours!

Our new computer recruits pass with flying colours!

In this modern age, it’s becoming increasingly important to know your way around a computer. That’s why we’ve been campaigning for digital inclusion – we want everyone to have the opportunity to get more confident online and to engage with us in quicker, more cost-efficient way.

Over the past few months, Watford Community Housing  has commissioned  We Are Digital to work with a group of learners to improve their digital skills. Our Computer Club, based at Leavesden Green Hub, met weekly to learn how to navigate the virtual landscape. The classes focused on online safety, basic computer skills and handling digital finances.

The course has been a resounding success. As well as there being a huge appetite for people to learn computer skills (all the places very quickly filled up!), the results of the first part of the course show that people have been working incredibly hard and have made significant progress. More importantly, residents have really enjoyed the course, with one learner saying “I enjoyed the fact that the course was taken as a group, and the tutor delivered the course really well’.

Some learners came onto the course with no skills at all, and still over 70% of our learners passed their final exam! There was also an incredible rise in the group’s ‘Average Personal Skills Levels’ overall - measured before and after the course, the data below shows just how much Computer Club allowed people to learn and grow.




To reward the learners  for working so hard, everyone who successfully passed the course was entered into a prize draw to win a newly refurbished laptop. Three lucky winners picked up their laptops, which they can now use with confidence!

The next phase of the digital inclusion campaign will bring 1-2-1 learning to residents’ homes.

Amy Willcox-Smith, Customer Experience and Engagement Manager, said of the course: “Encouraging confidence in digital skills is so important. Courses like this where our residents can learn at their own pace are crucial in allowing our residents to gain control over their tenancies and finances in a quicker and more cost-effective way online. We’re really proud of the incredible learning that’s taken place over the last few months, and we look forward to working with more residents during our digital inclusion campaign”.