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Making rent payments over the phone is now cheaper!

Making rent payments over the phone is now cheaper!

One of the ways you can pay your rent is to call Allpay and make the payment over the phone. We're pleased to announce that there is now a new, low-cost number you can call, so you won't be paying premium phone rates when you call. 

We've worked together with Allpay to be able to provide this, funding the new phone line so that it can be more affordable for you. Now, calling the number will only charge you the standard phone rate your provider charges for any normal call. 

The new number is now in use! We've changed the details on our 'making a payment' page, so you'll never be without a cheaper way to pay your rent.

Call Allpay on the new number: 0330 041 6497

There's plenty of other ways to pay your rent, including setting up a direct debit which is totally free and flexible. You can find out more, including how to get in touch with us, here: