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Getting a taste of technology with CreatorSpace at Watford Library

Getting a taste of technology with CreatorSpace at Watford Library

CreatorSpace, a new way to get creative and learn new skills at Watford Library, recently invited our residents to some free taster sessions.

Jumping at the chance to learn more about using a tablet, our tenants Kim Parson and Ann Akubue took part in a session with a technology expert. Throughout the session, both Kim and Ann learnt tips and tricks they didn’t know were possible on their iPad, thanks to help and advice from Herts Libraries’ Kevin Woolcombe.

The main focus of the session was showing Kim and Ann how to get to grips with the basic functions of an iPad. They learnt how to navigate around their tablets, connect to Wi-Fi, browse the internet, download apps and much more.  

Both Kim and Ann commented throughout how much they had learned. Kim was particularly impressed with being shown how to make text on articles or text messages bigger by ‘pinching’ the screen to zoom, saying “I didn’t know you could do that! That’s really helpful”. They were also in agreement about how useful and informative the session was, and that this is something that more of our residents would benefit from.

Daniel Walker, the Community Engagement Officer who has been working with Herts Libraries on this project, said “It was really great to see two of our residents taking advantage of this offer and coming to join us with the Herts Libraries Team. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it is important that this be accessible for all regardless of age, background or experience. This taster session was delivered superbly and was very easy to follow and understand. I’d like to thank Kevin for his time in educating our residents about their iPads, and a big thank you to Kim and Ann for their great attitude to learning new things!”

If you’d like to get to grips with a new creative outlet, CreatorSpace are running more free taster sessions on 3D printers, sewing and embroidery machines, iMacs and digital cutters! If you’d like to take part, get in touch on 01923 209183.