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ENGIE apprentice Kelsey Fox sees more on a behind-the-scenes tour

ENGIE apprentice Kelsey Fox sees more on a behind-the-scenes tour

Back in February, we shared the great news that one of our residents was kick-starting her career by taking on an apprenticeship with ENGIE at their site compound on the Harebreaks. Now more than a month into her new job, we invited Kelsey to our head office for a behind-the-scenes tour and to see how she’s getting on.

Since starting her apprenticeship, Kelsey Fox has made a big impact in her role. As the administration apprentice, she talks to customers, works with documentation and makes important preparations for the improvement programme, as well as other tasks. In addition to impressing in her job, the course Kelsey was planning to take as part of her apprenticeship – a level 2 qualification in business administration – has been increased to a level 3 qualification as a result of Kelsey’s clear skills in the role.

Speaking about her apprenticeship so far, Kelsey said: “Although I was nervous and a bit overwhelmed at first, I’ve actually settled in really quickly. I slipped back into working life more easily than I thought, and it’s really boosted my confidence. I’ve had a lot of compliments and I feel like I’m making an impact at work, so overall it’s been a positive experience so far!”

As part of the initial few weeks as an apprentice, we invited Kelsey to attend a behind-the-scenes tour of our head office. As well as giving Kelsey the chance to see in more detail what we do, the tour acted as a way to help strengthen the relationship between Watford Community Housing and ENGIE as we continue to work together on the improvement programme. Kelsey works with our Asset and Delivery department and our Customer Relations team on a regular basis, so getting to know more about the processes and challenges these teams face gave Kelsey some useful insight.

Colette Coakley, Community Engagement Officer for Watford Community Housing, said on the day: “Inviting Kelsey to join us for the behind-the-scenes tour will help us build strong working relationships with our partners and our residents. Kelsey has been really engaged throughout the day, including being inquisitive and asking our in-house experts questions! We’re really proud of Kelsey, so it’s been a good opportunity to show off her amazing success.”

If you’re interested in taking a behind-the-scenes tour, or if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you get involved, check out our involvement menu here.