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Are you looking for a nifty way to have fun and make friends?

Are you looking for a nifty way to have fun and make friends?

Garden centre trips, Tai Chi, flower arranging, theatre trips, parties, air shows… the list of things our Nifty Fifties group gets up to is long and diverse!

If you’re looking for a new circle of friends, a chance to take part in new experiences and a way to be flexible about joining in with activities, Nifty Fifties is the perfect group for you. We’ve spoken to a couple of our regulars to find out what being nifty means to them.

If you’ve not heard of Nifty Fifties before, it’s a group a group of local residents who arrange a wide array of classes, groups and day trips that are open to anyone over the age of 50.

Participation is really flexible – you can dip in and out of the activities as you wish, without any obligation to attend every class, group or meeting.

One of our members also appreciated that Nifty Fifties gives her “the opportunity to pursue interests in a safe environment”, as well as being a great way of making new friends and getting out and about. Other members agree that the activities are important for their daily lives, with classes and activities described as “absolutely brilliant, totally inclusive and great for my health and wellbeing”, and one member telling us that Nifty Fifties really helped her “stay busy and reconnect with old friends after a bereavement”.

It’s important to us that there’s a community for people from every walk of life, and our Nifty Fifties members agree that that’s what they’re getting – Linda, a member for two years, says that she really appreciates that there are “so many upbeat activities available for our age group”.

Here at Watford Community Housing, we believe strongly in friendly, resilient communities and giving people the best possible chance to succeed, engage positively with others and to build confidence. That’s why we’re very proud to work with and support the Nifty Fifties.

There’s always room for more at Nifty Fifties, so if you’d like to get involved, email our communities team on, or call our team on 01923 209183.

Check out the range of activities for 2017 in our brochure here  - there's still amazing activities you can sign up for!