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Allpay duplicate payments - update

Allpay duplicate payments - update

Some residents may have been affected by an Allpay system issue which resulted in duplicate payments being taken from accounts on the 8th September. All accounts that were affected should be receiving refunds, and if your account was charged you will also received a refund for that charge. 

We are pleased to report the following update and apology from Allpay: 

Thank you for your patience during our system issues.  We have now resolved this problem and have instigated customer refunds.
This process is underway and all customers will receive a refund of the duplicated payment by Tuesday 12th September.  Customers will be able to clearly identify the refunded amount in their statement.

Next week, your customers will receive a written apology from allpay for this inconvenience and details of their refund. 
As a result of the high volume of calls we have been receiving and to help assist you, we have extended our call centre hours until 7pm this evening.  We will also be open from 8am until 12noon tomorrow.
We want to reassure you that this incident is isolated to payments taken on the 8th September only.
Finally, please accept our unreserved apologies for the problems this has caused you and your customers.
Please contact if you require further details.