Our key policies

At Watford Community Housing we have various policies in place to ensure we meet the requirements set by our regulator.

We monitor and review these regularly, updating them as necessary in response to tenant feedback as well as wider changes across the social housing sector.

You can request to see any of our operational policies, and some of them are availble to download below.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please email feedback@wcht.org.uk. Please give your full name, address, contact details, letting us know what you’re looking for and whether you’re a tenant, leaseholder or have another type of relationship with us, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Policies and procedures

Starter Tenancy Policy 

The Starter Tenancy Policy sets out how we will use, review and end Starter Tenancies.

A starter tenancy is a form of probationary tenancy granted to new social rent tenants for General Needs and Independent Living accommodation for an initial 12 month period, which is extendable to a maximum of 18 months if we have concerns about any aspect of how the tenancy is being conducted.  Provided the starter tenancy has been conducted satisfactorily at the end of the tenancy the tenant will be signed up to a Fixed Term Tenancy.

Customer Feedback Policy Procedure Jan 2018

Our Customer Feedback Policy and Procedure provides more detail on how you can give us feedback or make a complaint and how we will respond.

We always aim to provide the best possible service but we recognise that sometimes we make mistakes and things can go wrong. When this happens we will try to put things right as soon as possible. 

Safeguarding Children and Adults At Risk Policy and Procedure

This document sets out our approach to Safeguarding Adults and the procedure for reporting and investigating any allegations of abuse.

All Watford Community Housing staff have a duty to ensure that action is taken if they have anyconcerns that a child or adult is at risk of abuse or neglect.

Tenant Compensation Policy

This policy lets you know if and when Watford Community Housing owes you compensation. This includes compensations for damage, loss of services, missed appointments and major works.