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Representing you.


A message from your Gateway Membership Team

"We have been elected by you, our fellow residents, to act as your voice at Watford Community Housing, pass on your views and work alongside staff and residents to ensure their services benefit our communities.

We’d really like to hear from you in order to help us act effectively on your behalf. If there is an issue you need us to look into for you or advice you need, feel free to contact us on gmt@wcht.org.uk. We also want to hear your thoughts on how you feel the daily processes at Watford Community Housing can be improved, so please let us know so that we can help provide feedback on the things that matter most to you.

Unfortunately we are not able to look into individual complaints, so please raise those with Watford Community Housing by emailing feedback@wcht.org.uk or by calling 0800 218 2247.

We look forward to working with you."


Watford Community Housing has an elected Gateway Membership Team, made up of nine tenants and residents (plus up to three co-optees), to ensure that our communities have a strong voice within the organisation and direct access to our Board of Management


Our Gateway Membership Team are:


Chris Blackett Chris Blackett - Chair





Katina Mailley Katina Mailley - Vice-Chair





Mazie Gibson Mazie Gibson





Shenaz Ghani Shenaz Ghani





Cheryl Hollingsworth Cheryl Hollingsworth





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