Low Income Fixed Tariff (LIFT)


Water companies in England have recently introduced a new tariff for those customers who are on a low income or receive state benefits. The Low Income Fixed Tariff (commonly known as LIFT) can be offered to customers who need financial assistance to pay their water charges. It limits the amount that customers pay for their water charges and ensures that water rates are more affordable.

In order to qualify for this tariff, customers must earn below a certain threshold (set by the water company) and this threshold differs between companies.

The majority of Trust tenants pay their water and sewerage charges directly to the Trust, and the Trust are then charged for these directly from the water company. Because of this arrangement, the LIFT scheme is not applicable for customers who pay the Trust directly. However, customers are free to request a removal from the Trust’s water account, which would see them become direct customers of the water company. At that point they are able to approach the water company to apply for the LIFT scheme.