Lifeline and Lifeline Plus

The Lifeline is a small base unit that is connected to your telephone or hardwired in our sheltered schemes and you will be given a pendant to wear either around your neck or on your wrist which you can press if the base unit is out of reach. Should you need to press the button the call will go through to the Control Centres who will contact your previously agreed key holder. If you do not have anyone able to hold a key you can have a keysafe fitted. If the Control Centre cannot get through to one of your keyholders they will contact the emergency services. However if you live in one of our sheltered schemes this call will go through to our Flexi Support Worker during office hours.

What do I need?

All you need is a working telephone line and within 2 metres of a plug socket. We also require you to provide two named keyholders who we can contact when the alarm is raised.

Raising an alarm call

If you need help, alarm calls can be easily raised from anywhere in the home or garden (up to 50 metres coverage) by simply pressing the radio trigger which is the large red button or the large illuminated red button on the home unit.

After you have pressed the alarm!

The Lifeline unit automatically dials the monitoring centre where a trained operator will respond to your call by recalling your personal details which you supply when you join the service. The operator will speak to you via the loudspeaker in the home unit, the powerful in built microphone allows the operator to hear you clearly and provide the most appropriate help. If under any circumstance the operator can not hear you we will request help from the keyholder (e.g. neighbour, family member). If for any reason the operator can not reach the keyholder they will call the emergency services.

Lifleline Plus 

The Lifeline Plus Service offers one to one support from one of our trained support workers.  Support would be provided in your own home such as form filling, letter reading and information on other services.  

To find out more call us on 01923 209188 or 01923 209194.