How do we know where the Asbestos is?




Watford Community Housing has employed an independent asbestos consultancy, Vintec Environmental, who are based at the B.R.E site in Garston, Watford. They will undertake asbestos surveys to all of our housing stock over the next five years (2012 - 2017)

If your property has not yet been surveyed for asbestos under the new contract then you shall receive a letter notifying you of when Vintec will be in your area to carry out the asbestos survey. Those properties on the improvement programs and requiring repair works
will be surveyed as a priority to minimise disruption to delivering the projects on time and undertaking repair works efficiently.
Vintec will contact you directly to arrange a suitable time for the survey, this may be via phone or in person. Please accommodate them as soon as you can as it may cause a delay in the works planned/ required at your property.
Please note that failure to allow access for the survey may result in your property being withdrawn from any improvement programs and repairs until the survey has been completed.


As part of the management plan and government guidance, it is important that any asbestos materials that have been identified or have been presumed are re-inspected to assess condition of the material. This is an important requirement and will need access to your property, these inspections may be carried out by our asbestos consultant or by a trained member of our staff.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01923 209000 or email: