Advice on damage caused by high winds

High winds are an extreme weather type which can cause damage to your home.  During times of extreme weather we aim to provide as full a service as possible but the conditions may make attending some repairs difficult or dangerous, so please be aware of the following: fence falling down

Fences:  Watford Community Housing will attend to secure fences that separate our properties and communal areas from public pathways, where they represent a risk to the general public. If you have a fence separating your garden from your neighbour’s, it is your responsibility to maintain it.

Roofing: In order to ensure the safety of our operatives we cannot attend to repair roofs during high winds. If you notice a leak caused by dislodged tiles, please contain the leak using appropriate means and we shall aim to repair the damage as soon as possible. As we may have increased demand for this service, appointments may take longer to schedule and we will have to prioritise repairs based on the extent of the damage caused and the potential for further damage to occur to a property.  Please report any concerns with the safety of chimneys – we will attend although it is likely we will only be able to cordon off a suitable safe area initially.  

Finally, if you are calling with regard to other enquiries be aware that waiting times may be longer than usual. We appreciate your patience during these times and will ensure that we answer your call as soon as possible.