Green Canteen

The Green Canteen is a place where you can pick up gardening and horticultural skills, either as a volunteer or on a three-week course for just £10.

We've developed the Green Canteen in partnership with Herts Mind Network, and it is based between 24 and 26 Garsmouth Way on the Meriden estate. It is a social enterprise, which means it is a business which is good for the local community and the environment.

Produce is sold to the local community, with profits reinvested back into the business. The Green Canteen will also have a 'trading shed' selling second-hand gardening equipment, such as pots, tools and watering cans.

The ‘Learn to Garden’ courses - run by West Herts College - are for 3 hours over a period of 3 weeks. These will be structured introductory courses enabling budding gardeners to develop skills in areas such as soil preparation, sewing and planting seeds, cultivating growth and potting on young plants.

If you already know a lot about gardening/horticulture and would like to volunteer at the Green Canteen, Herts Mind Network would be keen to hear from you.

If you would like further information about the Green Canteen please do not hesitate to contact Caron Brennan, Green Canteen Coordinator, on 07554 428928 or email

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